Making realistic windows for your card models

When making card models the printed windows of a building are in general not very realistic. The more traditional ways to improve the looks of windows are described on this page Enhancements. . Another method is to use the windows printed with the card model as templates to make more realistic windows. You can try to cut out the glass section of a printed window but I find it quite hard to get a consistent look so nowadays I use a different method.

Start with selecting a firm transparent piece of plastic. Not too thin because if the plastic bends the reflection of the windows will spoil the effect. Prepare an X-acto knife holder by placing two identical blades in the knife holder. Place a piece of painters tape on the cutting mat and use a ruler and the prepared knife to cut a series off lines. Each cut will produce a very fine strip of painters tape. these strips are used to imitate the glazing bars of an old style window. With the normal knife cut wider strips to form the sides of the window frame. You can see the process in the photo.

When you use white painters tape the result looks like this.

The nice thing about painters tape is that it can be painted with water color paint. Paint it in the desired color. Any water color on the glass can be easily wiped away or later removed with a moist piece of paper. You can also add weathering to the glass using brown or black water colors. Do not use the acrylic model paints since they are harder to remove from the glass when dry.

glue the window behind the wall of your card model and enjoy the effect of these see through windows.